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There is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a metal roofing installer. Every roof is different, so every day is different, especially in northwest Wisconsin where the weather can change several times in a single autumn day. On this mid-October Friday, Adam Miller of Bear Lake Roofing in Rice Lake, Wis., and his crew of three — Rob, Sanchez and Ryan — are preparing for a cool and busy day, starting with a little work in the shop – brake forming small panels for a ridge cap.

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Every roofer has a favorite tool or piece of equipment.Usually it’s a money-maker — something that generates revenue or saves them money. It’s dependable, he’s had it a long time and plans to keep it even longer. It’s almost irreplaceable.

Those who own and operate portable roll formers will invariably put that machine at or near the top of the list. They depend on their roll formers because there’s not much they can do without them. So the manufacturers of roll formers have to make them to last. From the stories that follow, it’s safe to say the manufacturers are doing their job. We were able to get in touch with five veteran roll former owner/operators . . .

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